The Odds May Have Been Against You Yesterday, but Today Is a New Day.

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Veronica: A Compelling Story, an Inspiring Journey 

Life is hard, and we all know it. However, Veronica Holloman—who have lived in a world of drugs, prostitution, and rape—had it far more difficult than many of us. In her motivational and easy-to-read book, Holloman shares her story of resilience and encourages readers to keep their faith in the face of challenges. 

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Holloman wrote the book to help inspire others not to give up even when life seems to present only struggles, challenges, difficulties, and heartbreaking adversities. “Veronica,” is truly a different type of book.

 It’s not written as a literary masterpiece, but as a tell-all story of a woman who went through a life of hell and finally escaped into a better world, with purpose, love, and a future.

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Veronica Holloman is an author writing books for readers ages 13 and above. She was born in New York but is now based in Cleveland, Ohio. Holloman is married with four children and received her education through public school system.

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